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Directions to Martha's Vineyard Vacation Homes   1-508-299-3291
on Hamblen Way and Claypit Road       THIS IS PART OF YOUR LEASE!!

1. FROM THE FERRY AT VINEYARD HAVEN: When you drive off the ferry in Vineyard Haven proceed straight. Make your first left (you have no choice!). GO TO NUMBER 2 (TWO) BELOW.....

OR FROM THE FERRY AT OAK BLUFFS (CHECK YOUR TICKET!): Go straight from ferry, staying in the left lane (you will pass the Flying Horses Carousel on your left). Make a sharp left turn at STOP SIGN in order to make a U-TURN going in the direction of the sound (the Ferry Terminal). Go straight to end and make a right (the water will be on your left after the right turn). Go straight for about 7 miles (passing State beach on left for most of the time) until you get to the Triangle Shopping Center in Edgartown (watch for Trader Fred's store on right). Make a sharp right at apex of the Triangle (at the Square Rigger Restaurant). Travel for about 1/2 (one half) mile. Make a left turn onto Hamblen Way and follow directions starting at number 8 (eight) below.

2. Proceed straight to first stop sign. You have just passed the Stop and Shop Super Market on your right. The Black Dog Bakery is on your left.

3. Make a right turn and proceed up the hill as it winds around to the left. You will pass the Vineyard Haven Post Office and Cumberland Farms on the left. If it's late and you are hungry; stop at Cumberland Farms!

4. Make the next left; onto the Edgartown - Vineyard Haven Road. The sign reads "Edgartown 7 miles".

5. Proceed straight for about 6.2 miles, exactly 6.2 miles!

IMPORTANT!!!!  Look for the "speed limit" sign to change from 40 MPH to 35 MPH as you get closer to Hamblen Way.
When you see the 35 MPH sign, Hamblen Way is the second right turn including a driveway!

6. On the right is Hamblen Way; there usually! is a 4" by 4" white post sign with black vertical lettering that reads "Hamblen Way" (often shrubs are covering the sign!)

7. Make a right turn onto Hamblen Way (over the bike path).

8. For 46 and 54 Claypit Road...bear left immediately onto Claypit Road. You will see a green rectangular sign with white lettering on a pine tree about 100 feet ahead that reads Claypit Road Private Way. Proceed, as road turns abit to the right, for "46" or "54" (on right). PLEASE GO SLOWLY. THERE ARE SPEED BUMPS IN THE ROAD!!!  AND THERE ARE CHILDREN AND PETS DOING THEIR THING!

9. For 37 and 45 Hamblen Way...proceed straight for about 6 houses (on left). For 37 Hamblen Way you will see the "37" on a tree and for 45 Hamblen Way you will see the "45"  on a sign and on the corner of the house.

10. Call me at 1-508-299-3291 when you arrive. If I am not home please leave a message that you have arrived. If there is something ( matter how small) wrong with the house call me back immediately...please do not feel that you are complaining.

11. PLEASE, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES (unless written in lease) ARRIVE AT THE PROPERTY UNTIL 2 PM! Bring a flashlight if you arrive at night!

12. Please call me when you have departed: 508-299-3291. Please do not forget.

13. PLEASE CHECK OUT AT 11 AM SHARP OR EARLIER!!!!!  And please do not forget to call me when you leave.  Thanks.
Have a nice vacation!                        Sincerely, Clif Freedman                    click to back to home page