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updated January 9, 2022

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Our Policy Regarding Dogs In Our Homes

Some of our homes are pet friendly.   Some homes never have animals for those who are allergic to animals

We allow dogs in our homes provided you have registered your dog with us at the time you made your reservation or let us know about your dog prior to your arrival.

We charge for all dogs. The charge is $50 per night per dog.

We also ask for an extra security /damage / cleaning deposit for your dog of $150. Ask Clif about the extra security, etc.

Please note, however, if your dog damages our property you are responsible to pay the entire cost of repair.

Please have your dog dipped for ticks and fleas before your arrival to discourage fleas and ticks in this outdoor setting and to keep the premises clear.

Your pooper scooper must be used to clean up the premises. All poop must be put in tied plastic bags and placed inside covered wooden trash bin. Following this policy will make the grounds safe for you, your children and your pets and those who come after you.

We do not allow our "guest dogs" to be on sofas or beds. This is extremely important. Most dog hair does not come off our blankets easily when washed and dried.  Our main concern is cleanliness. You are completely responsible for making sure that all dog hair is gone when you leave.  We suggest you bring large sheets to cover the couches and beds if your dog will jump up on them.

We prefer that your dog is "crated" when you leave your dog alone in the house. But, this is not absolute. We trust you know your dog and will make the correct decision for both of us. However, if you have a puppy, I am sure you will agree that "crating" is necessary.

About window screening: There is a sliding patio screen door in each home.  Please prevent your dog from "jumping up"  on these screens.  The screens will be checked when you leave.  If they are scratched or ripped by your dog, my carpenter will replace them at your expense.

There is a leash law in Edgartown. Please do not allow your dog to roam outside alone. You must be in control of your dog at all times.

Barking Dog Policy click here to read and sign Barking Dog Policy

We have a family dogs and know how difficult it is to find a place to travel and take them, so we felt compelled to find a way to help other dog owners take their pet on vacation. All we can say is please help us keep our home clean. Thank you.

Very truly yours,  Clif Freedman  click here to go back to the very beginning of our site

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